Mrs. Gaither's Class

Room 123




Language Arts


  This year we will be using Wilson's Fundations for Phonics and Reading.  Students will bring home nightly reading assignments.  Please have your child read the assignment to you each evening.  Your help will allow your child to increase his/her reading level.  Thank you for your help!





Study Hints

  *Monday - Be able to recognize and read the words

*Tuesday - Cut apart the letters and form them into words

*Wednesday - Practice writing the words

 *Thursday - Review for test on Friday


Week 1

we, run, a, can, play, I  

(-an) word family


Week 2

like, cat, to, and, dog

(-at) word family


Week 3

the, not, you, do, want 

(-ot) word family


Week 4

all, here, big, is, little 

(-ig) word family


Week 5

she, with, are, he, funny

(-un) word family


Week 6 

make, will, am, me, pretty 

(-am) word family


Week 7

what, us, call, my, jump, see

(-all) word family


Week 8

house, no, said, let, in, come 

(-in) word family


Week 9

Review Week 

Weeks 1-8   


Week 10

help, ride, work, find, there, Sunday

(-ay) word family


Week 11

keep, away, ran, can't, on, this, if

(-og) word family


Week 12

good, have, read, any, did, or, too, Tuesday

(-ip) word family


Week 13

your, when, that, say, look, go, hot, Wednesday 

(-en) word family


Week 14

put, friend, it, be, where, get, at, Thursday 

(-it) word family


Week 15

green, yellow, red, brown, blue, pink, purple, white, orange, black


Week 16

who, about, an, yes, today, cold, now, Friday

(-old) word family


Week 17

up, sleep, as, they, give, use, how, Saturday

(-eep) word family


Week 18

Review Week

Weeks 10-17


Week 19

fast, please, down, for him, her, why, upon

(-et) word family


Week 20

could, walk, has, take, of, laugh, drink, far

(-ake) word family


Week 21

had, don't, some, them, by, very, old, went

(-ent) word family


Week 22

five, ten, two, seven, nine, three, eight, one, six, four


Week 23

was, around, tell, eat, think, our, gave, once

(-ell) word family


Week 24

came, found, out, his, ask, draw, ate, fall

(-ame) word family


Week 25

going, write, stop, into, got, made, new, would

(-and) word family


Week 26

best, together, over, long, off, small, sit, were

(-est) word family


Week 27

Review Week

Weeks 19-26


Week 28

thank, school, but, own, near, fly, know, much

(-ick) word family


Week 29

which, always, try, must, under, open, just, buy

(-y) word family


Week 30

before, its, then, from, after, cut, many, shall

(-ape) word family


Week 31

again, myself, live, warm, pull, may,does, first, goes, better

(-op) word family


Week 32

their, start, kind, hurt, pick, only, so, been, clean, right

(-ight) word family


Week 33

every, these, hold, done, both, show, well, those, wash, because

(-ug) word family


Week 34

bring, carry, saw, soon, wish, grow, light, round, sing, full

(-ing) word family


Week 35

Review Week

Weeks 28-34








* Addition/Subtraction Concepts

* Addition/Subtraction Strategies

* Addition/Subtraction Relationships

* Graphing

*Count and Model Numbers

*Compare Numbers

*Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction


*Represent Data

*Three-Dimensional Geometry

*Two-Dimensional Geometry


 Science & Social Studies


 *Familes Today and Yesterday

*Needs and Wants

*Where We Live, Work, and Play

*Our Country's Land and Water





*Forests, Oceans, and Wetlands

*Helping the Earth

*Sky, Moon, and Sun


*Solids, Liquids, and Gas


Dates To Remember


September 22 - Field Trip to Library

September 23rd - 1 Hour Early Release (Staff Curriculum Meetings)

September 19 - Picture Day


October 7 - PTO Meeting at Central @ 7:00

October 20-24 - Parent Lunch Week and Book Fair

October 23 - Mansfield Symphony

October 24 - End of 1st Nine Weeks

October 29 -  1 Hour Early Release (Staff Curriculum Meetings)

October 31 - Fall Festival Parties (Parade @ 2:00)


November 4 - PTO Metting at 7:00 at Western Elementary

November 6 - Parent/Teacher Conferences  4:30-7:30

November 7 - Picture Retakes

November 13 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:30-7:30

November 26-28 - NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

December 9 - yearbook Pictures

December 22- January 2 - NO SCHOOL (Winter Break)

January 5 - school Resumes

January 6 - PTO Meeting at Eastern 2 7:00

January 16 - End of 2nd Nine Weeks

January 19 - NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

January 29 - 1 Hour Early Release (Staff curriculum Meetings)


February 3 - PTO Meeting at Central @ 7:00

February 13 - Valentine's  Day Party

February 16 - NO SCHOOL (Presidents' Day)

February 19 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:30-7:30

February 24 - 1 Hour Early Release (Staff Curriculum Meetings)

February 26 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:30-7:30


March 3 - PTO Meeting at Western @ 7:00

March 9-13 - PTO Spare Change Fund Raiser

March 20 - End of 3rd Nine Weeks

March 23 - 1st Grade Program at the High School Auditorium @ 7:00

March 26 - Spring Pictures

March 30- April 3 - NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)


April 6 - School Resumes

April 7 - PTO Meeting at Central @ 7:00

April 29 - 1 Hour Early Release (Staff Curriculum Meetings)


May 21 - 1 Hour Early Release (Staff Curriculum Meetings)

May 25 - NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

May 29 - Last Day of School