8th Grade Health

Welcome to my Health Class webpage.  This webpage is to inform parents and students of the overall course outline for 8th Grade Health at Lexington Junior High School.  This website does not contain daily assignments, only a general outline of topics that will be covered throughout the schoolyear.  Daily homework assignments and student grades can be found on Progress Book. 




Course Description:

Eighth graders begin the semester studying Personal Responsibility topics, Nutrition, and a comprehensive study of the body (including Digestive & Excretory, Respiratory & Cardiovascular, Skeletal / Muscular & Nervous, Immune, & Reproductive Systems).  We then discuss Hygiene, Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases, Cancer, STD’s, HIV & AIDS.  The latter part of our 18 week course involves specific instruction on Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug Abuse, Eating Disorders, and how these choices affect the body systems studied.  Healthy Relationships and Abstinence Education is also taught. 



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