Life Skills is a semester-long course that offers 7th graders the tools they will need to successfully handle school, home, work, and social challenges now and in the future. Students are taught the importance of these skills and given the opportunity to practice them. Topics to be addressed will include the following, with modifications as needed:
   Communication (speaking/listening/interpersonal/small group/public speaking)
   Character education (including self-esteem, tolerance, etc.)
   Management of peer pressure and anger
   Goal setting
   Study skills and test-taking skills
   Internet etiquette and safety
   Community service
   Finance basics

Contact Information
E-mail:  See link in Grade Book
Phone:  See extensions on main Lexington web site.  Click "Contact Us" Junior High Teachers

See current student assignments and grades on Grade Book (formerly Progress Book) using assigned password from school office.  Grades will be based on the following:
   Daily class participation points (no points for unexcused absences)
   At least weekly journal entry
   Quizzes approximately each 1-2 weeks
   One project each six-week grading period
   End of six-week unit tests
   Semester exam

Required Supplies
One notebook to keep in class for personal journaling
One folder for class handouts

All student handbook policies will be enforced. 
Late homework:
   Short assignments:  50% deduction for 1 day late; no credit thereafter
   Long-term projects:  20% deduction for 1 day late; 50% for 2 days late; no credit thereafter
Respect must be shown to the teacher and all classmates.  Disciplinary action will be taken as needed inaccordance with school policies.