Welcome to 8th grade science where we learn by questioning, experimenting, and wondering why things happen.

This year's curriculum covers six main topic areas.  they are:

  • heredity and genetics
  • Earth's structure and processes
  • Formation of the universe and astronomical features of the universe
  • Scientific methods , data collection and rusult analysis
  • the latest technologies in scientific research.

Each unit is specifically designed ot incorporate book learning, internet research, and hands-on science.  the thrust of this course focuses on how one uses information from many different sources to understand how the universe works.

Science is a way of looking at the world using the concepts of predictable patterns.  This course is designed in an ordered pattern of thought that creates connective strands betweeen each individual unit.     

 Grading policies will be handed out to students in the first weeks of school.  Each large unit is designed to have periodic homework, one quiz and one large assessment at the end of the unit.  These final assessments vary.  It may be a written test or a presentation/project.  These are often group projects, but each student receives an individual grade for his or her work.  Assessments are designed to allow all students of different learning styles to demonstrate their understanding of the material covered.

This class is an "active class", full of interactive learning, experimenting and discussion.