World History

World Studies Syllabus    2017-18


Mr. Morrow       Room219             

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Course Description:  The content of this course will be organized
according to the ODE standards.  This  course examines world events from the 1600s to the present. It explores the impact of the democratic and industrial revolutions, the forces that led to world domination by European powers, the wars that changed empires, the ideas that
led to independence movements and the effects of global interdependence. The
concepts of historical thinking introduced in earlier grades continue to build
with students locating and analyzing primary and secondary sources from
multiple perspectives to draw conclusions. 
We will also focus on preparing for the Ohio Graduation Test.  Furthermore, the course is designed to lay the foundation needed to succeed in the Social Studies curriculum offered at
Lexington High School.  Students will be expected to apply time management, organization, and critical thinking skills in order to maximize their full potential.

Textbook: Textbook:
Spielvogel, Jackson J. World History and Geography Modern Times
McGraw-Hill; Columbus, OH 2013.

Expectations of students:

  1. Make
    no excuses, do the work.
  2. Follow all student handbook rules and school policies. 
    Become familiar with your student handbook 
    3.  Absolutely ZERO food or dinks allowed in the room except for bottled water.
    4. Do not disrupt the learning of others or my teaching.

           5. No cell phones in class.


Disruptive and/or disrespectful behavior will be dealt with  in the following manner:

      First offense:           Warning

     Second offense:      A phone call home

      Third offense:       A phone call home and a detention

       Fourth offense:     Sent to the  office

Extreme offenses will result in direct referral to the office.


All assignments are due at the BEGINNING of class.  That means you should not be working on it once class has started. All late work will be docked one letter grade per day.  Assignments can only be turned in 5 days late for credit.  After that, the assignment is a zero.  If work is turned in after five days it will be documented as completed with zero points so
student will be eligible for extra credit. The policy for make-up work is addressed in the student handbook.  Please follow these guidelines.  If you are absent it is your responsibility
to check the information board and web page for any assignments given and be
sure to come and talk with me about make up work. Some homework will be
collected and graded, while others will be checked for completion/effort.  Homework will constitute a good portion of your final grade (expect at least 3 days per week), if you wish to do well you must be disciplined and dedicated to completing your homework on time.

Extra Credit

There will be at least one extra credit option per six
weeks.  Students are only eligible for extra credit if they have completed all

Grading Scale:          

100-93             A                                   

 92-83               B

 82-71               C

 70-61               D

 60-0                 F

You will be graded on a variety of methods.  Some of those include journals, quizzes,
tests, projects, homework, and participation. 
I use a point scale to figure grades. Each item you are graded on is based on a certain number of points.  In the end, the total number of points you have accumulated will be divided by the number of total points possible to calculate your grade.  You are encouraged
to check your grade online (Progressbook)  and keep track of your grade throughout the
grading period.  If you have questions or concerns about your grade you are encouraged to see me before/after school, or before/after class.       

Materials Needed:    

Students are expected to come to class everyday with the following:

Binder – DAILY 
with notebook paper and 4 dividers.

Writing Utensils – DAILY  2 pencils and 2 pens.

Flash Drive - to transport online assignments to
school, and vice versa - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

*Textbook – A classroom set of textbooks will be
provided and MUST stay in the classroom. 
Students will have access to an online textbook if they wish to use a
textbook at home.


You will be responsible for keeping a 3-ringed 1 ½ inch – 2
inch binder that will be graded once each six weeks.  This binder needs to be dedicated exclusively  for World History. 

The binder has to be  divided into the following sections:

This syllabus (Front Page)

Start Dividers Here
1. Notes

2. Graded papers

3. Handouts



Each student is responsible for taking notes.  If you are absent, then you need to make sure
you obtain any notes that may have been taking while you were gone.  Your notes will be graded each six weeks when
binders are graded.

Journals:   At the beginning of most classes, a question will be written
on the board to answer.  The questions will always be related to what was discussed the previous day.  While the answers can be found by looking at
the notes, students are encouraged to answer the question without immediately
looking at the notes.  Only five to ten minutes of class (from when the bell rings) will be spent writing and discussing the journal question.  Some questions may not be discussed and is at my discretion whether we do or not.  Journals will be collected at the end of each grading period.  Each entry must be a minimum of 3 sentences long, and they must be written in
complete sentences
.  Listing information will NOT be accepted.  Three
points will be given for each entry that is written in proper grammatical form,
of proper length, and on topic. Additionally, being absent does not excuse you from having to write a journal entry.  ALL journal questions must be answered and turned in at the end of the 6 weeks.

Terms and Names  (T&N):   At the beginning of each section, students will be given a
list of terms at the beginning of the unit to define.  Those definitions will be turned in typed at
a specified date.  Additionally, when noted, the students will sometimes submit their terms to

Academic Honesty: Lexington Local Schools does not tolerate any form of
cheating or dishonesty, which may include but is not limited to copying/
providing homework, test/quiz information and answers, or written essays.  If you are caught cheating you will be reported to the office and a phone call to your parents/guardian will be made.

Restroom Passes: 
You will be allowed 2 passes per six weeks.  Beyond the use of 2 will result in