Knowledge of chemistry, as presented in this course, is accomplished by lecture and discussion along with laboratory work once a week.  The entire course, dealing with such factors as atomic structure, chemical bonding, formula writing, equation writing and balancing, acid-base theory and solution mechanics, is handled as a logical progression with the periodic table being used as a reference for each discussion.  The course is concluded with a brief survey of the nomenclature of organic chemistry as it relates to structure and formula writing.  The lab work begins with principles dealing with the proper lab procedures and safety.  The remaining lab experiments fall into one of the following types:  quantitative measurements and analysis or qualitative procedures and analysis.  The lab work is concluded by the students running a complex set of analysis on an unknown solution by using the techniques learned during all preceding experiments conducted.  Safety glasses and aprons are required for all lab work!  Furthermore, students and parents will need to sign a “Lab Safety Contract” before the student is allowed to do work in the lab.   Testing is aimed at evaluating the knowledge and problem solving ability of the student.  The course is taught and evaluated at a level that should prepare the student for college chemistry.




99 – 100       A+

95 – 98.99    A

93 – 94.99    A

91 – 92.99    B+

85 – 90.99    B

83 – 84.99    B

81 – 82.99    C+

73 – 80.99    C

71 – 72.99    C

69 – 70.99    D+

63 – 68.99    D

61 – 62.99    D



Test—100 pts

Quizzes—anywhere from 5 to 50 pts

Labs—generally 25 points

Homework—5 pts, worksheets are 5 pts per page

Semester Finals—as described in the “Student Handbook”


Lab Grade:  Students are able to earn all these points by participating in the lab experience and turning in the data and questions relating to the lab.  Lab reports will be due 2 school days after the completion of the lab.  If students are absent on lab day, they will be given 2 weeks to make-up the work—students must sign up for a make-up time on Tuesday or Friday morning (6:45)—after football season it will be Tuesday after school rather than the morning.  The sign-up sheet is outside Rm. 212.  It should also be noted that the student’s lab grade for the last 6 weeks will be based upon successful performance in finding unknown ions in a solution.


Homework:  This is an effort grade—if a student shows an honest attempt to do the work and completes at least 80% of the assignment, full credit will be given for the work.  Problems must be worked out on paper in order to receive such credit.


Rounding Up of Grades:  Students grades will be rounded up to the next letter grade if they meet the following criteria:

  • the final 6 weeks grade is within 0.5% of the next letter grade
  • received credit for at least 93% of the homework for the 6 weeks
  • completed and turned in all lab reports for the 6 weeks


NOTE:  Except for lab reports, no work will be accepted late.  Penalty for late lab reports is 10% during the first week, 20% thereafter.  When absent, students are expected to see Mr. Strickler to find out what needs to be made up and the time frame to do so—test and quizzes not made up by the end of the grading period will receive zero points.



Required Equipment and Material:

  • scientific calculator (a graphic calculator is acceptable)
  • notebook for notes
  • binder for lab handouts and notes (needed for the final 6 weeks qualitative lab)
  • goggles and apron



  • text to:  81010
  • enter:  @coachdrue 

There is no question about it, this course is not easy.  Students are expected to work hard and to study!  However, I truly believe every student can be successful in this course with good effort and determination.  If you ever have a question or are having a hard time understanding something, come see me.  I am more than happy to help those students who are trying to succeed.  I have a 3rd period study hall and 4th period conference and am avialable most days before and after school. You can also email me at