The Syllabus for this class can be obtained by clicking on the link below.  In the syllabus, you will find information about class expectations, assignments, grading, and an outline of the topics that will be explored.


Semester Exam Multiple Choice Study Guide

Semester Exam Essay Study Guide





WW1 Political Cartoon Activity

Students will be in groups of no more than 4 and each member of the group is responsible for completing a worksheet on TWO cartoons.  Each cartoon will have their own worksheet completed for it.

Student Worksheet

Cartoon 1

Cartoon 2

Cartoon 3

Cartoon 4

Cartoon 5

Cartoon 6

Cartoon 7

Cartoon 8

Jeopardy Review Games

Unit 1 Industrialization Jeopardy Review

Unit 2 Immigration & Urbanization Review

Unit 3 Progressivism (DO THIS ONE FIRST)

Unit 3 Progressivism Review (1)

Unit 3 Progressivism Review (2)

Unit 4 Imperialism Review

Unit 5 World War 1 Review

Unit 6 Great Depression Review

New Deal WKST Answer Key

Semester Exam Jeopardy

Unit 7 World War II Review

Cold War Jeopardy

FINAL Review

State Test Review Resources

Ohio Test Prep Website

Student Review Guide


Timeline Activities

Unit 1 - Industrialization Timeline

Unit 2 - Immigration & Urbanization Timeline

Unit 3 - Progressivism Timeline

Unit 3 - Imperialism Timeline

Unit 5 - Great Depression Timeline Link ONE - TWO

Unit 8 - Cold War Timeline

Unit 9 - Civil Rights Timeline

American History "Cultural Exchange" Project

American History students are asked to research one specific ethnic group that has called America "home" and create an artistic quilt square depicting the challenges and contributions and of their group.  On the final day, students float around the room learning from other students and analyzing the many different quilt squares that have been created.  Also on this day, students may sample the food from the different ethnic groups.  Finally, all the quilt squares are combined to created one large "American Quilt". Please feel free to click on any of the hyperlinks to view photographs from this project.

Veteran's Day

Please watch this video to understand and reflect on the significance of this holiday.


American History students will complete a timeline for each Unit.  The following is an example.  Click Here.

WWI Research Project

This project will blend our examination of the events of WWI with the skills students learn in their English classes.  With the help of myself and Mrs Patterson, our Media Specialist and licensed English teacher, students will perform research using tablet computers to develop a position paper as to whether they feel the United States should have entered WWI.  Students will use the tablets to conduct research and analyze primary source documents pertaining to the events leading up to U.S. involvement in WWI.  This project also gives students the ability to exchange their ideas and positions with their peers as part of the peer review portion of the project.  The following are relevant handouts related to this project:

Project Overview and List of Primary Sources

Validating a Website Information & Notesheets - Notesheets must be turned in

Project Proposal - to be completed prior to writing paper

Project Rubric

WWII - U.S. Abandons Isolationism

Students will listen to FDR's "Arsenal of Democracy" speech and identify the reasons he gives for why the U.S. should move away from Isolationism.  Students will develop an essay explaining which of the many reasons cited by FDR is the best reason.  The following are links to the speech and the assignment:

FDR "Arsenal of Democracy" Speech

Essay Assignment