Physical Education Course Syllabus

Course Description: The 2018-2019 Lexington Physical Education Course will be a combination of fitness, athletic, and social development through progressive strength training, conditioning, and team sport participation.  Student’s will be expected to engage in daily moderate to intensive exercise to improve cardiovascular endurance, physical strength, coordination, sportsmanship, flexibility, and team skills.  Each student will be evaluated on a variety of exercises to determine the student’s physical strengths and weaknesses.  The 18-week course will be designed to improve the balance between these strengths and weaknesses while equipping students with the necessary knowledge, strategies, exercises, and techniques to maintain a healthy and active life style.

Student Expectations: Students are expected to dress and participate every day of the Physical Education course.  They are also required to have a workout journal for record and note keeping which will be collected weekly (folders and logs will be provided).  Daily workouts, games, and exercises are to be performed at the best of each individual student’s ability.  Anything less will result in a negative effect on the student’s grade.  Horseplay, inappropriate behavior, disrespect, and failure to abide by school and Physical Education rules will not be tolerated.  This is to ensure the safety and productivity of the class.


Students are expected to participate in every activity of the class to the absolute best of their ability and to the specifications and instructions given by the teacher.  Failure to do so will result in loss of points, corrective exercises, and/or disciplinary action.


Workout Journal: Students will keep a graded portfolio of weekly training programs, fitness assessments, personal goals and fitness plans.  Workout journals will be graded on a student’s ability to complete worksheets, organize sheets, and physical shape of the portfolio.  Do not abuse, rip, tear or mark on folders.

Acceptable Clothing: Students are required to wear a tee shirt and athletic shorts to receive full credit.  Hoodies and sweatpants are allowed to be worn over top of required clothing.  Only athletic shoes are to be worn during class.  No flip-flops, sandals, or boots, are allowed (this includes shoes with black rubber soles that mark the gym floor).  Not having proper attire will result in the loss of dress points for that day.

Locker Room Usage and Tardiness: Students are required to be in the gym before the beginning of each designated class time.  Students will sit on the bleachers until Coach Sansalone admits the class into the locker room.  No student is permitted to leave the locker room without permission.  At the end of each period, students must remain inside the locker room until Coach Sansalone dismisses them into the gym or to the next class.  Students who leave early will be marked as skipping class/tardy.


Class Grades:

6 WEEK GRADING PERIOD: 500 total points.

DRESS/PARTICIPATION/SOCIAL EXPECTATIONS: (300 Points per 6 weeks).  Students are graded on daily participation (5 points per day), daily dress and effort, skill and social expectations (5 points per day).  Students can lose up to 20 points daily for failure to follow the Physical Education Class Rules in addition to performing corrective exercises such as burpees, push-ups, laps, etc.)  After 20 points have been deducted and corrective exercises have failed to produce acceptable behavior (or been refused), the student will be sent to the office for disciplinary action.  Students are also expected to show sportsmanship, positive social interaction, and leadership.  Failure to do so will result in a negative impact on points.

WORKOUT JOURNAL: (60 points per 6 weeks).  Workout sheets will be collected each week (10 points per week).  Points are earned for workout sheets being accurately completed, in good shape and on time.

SKILL MASTERY: (40 points per 6 weeks).  Students are graded each 6 weeks on their ability to master the exercises, skills, and game techniques presented throughout the grading period.

PORTFOLIO PROJECT: (100 points) Each 6 weeks students will complete a different portfolio project.  Rubrics will be given for each project and grades are determined by meeting those guidelines. 

Testing: Students will be graded on various physical and written tests.

3 times each semester students will perform the Fitness Gram Test consisting of 5 areas of fitness.  In order to receive full credit on each of these tests, the student must show consistent progress in each area according to his or her skill level.  Failure to do so will result in a poor/failing grade. 

Students will also be expected to pass a final written exam, a final portfolio, an analytical report, and a group awareness project.  Additional written quizzes on unit material may be given as well.

Additional Information:

NO CELL PHONES: You are in school, follow the rules.

Jewelry is not recommended to be worn during Physical Education.

Do not bring any valuables to class.  If this is necessary, make sure they are locked up.

The Physical Education department is not responsible for stolen items.

When you hear a whistle, stop what you are doing immediately, hold your equipment, and listen attentively to the instructor.

Report all injuries and broken equipment immediately.

You have no more than 4 minutes to get changed before class and report to the attendance line.

Never ask to use the restroom during gym class.  You have 4 minutes before class and 5 after.