BAND 7 – Any seventh grade student who has experience playing a wind or percussion band instrument is eligible.  Band meets every day for one period for the entire year. Students must be willing to develop the abilities to work in a cooperative large ensemble environment working toward the common goal of musical excellence.  Opportunities to improve skills are provided through small and large ensemble rehearsals and performances.  Students graded attendance is required at all performances during non-school hours.  Continued participation is based on the student’s willingness to cooperate and participate.





This handbook contains policies that will govern the operation of the instrumental music department in grades 7 and 8. There must be a common understanding among students, parents and teachers that if a student is to be a part of the music program, he/she must abide by the policies set forth in this handbook. The music program is voluntary; however, once you volunteer, it then becomes obligatory. Please read this handbook carefully and save it for future reference.


In order to establish and maintain the high standards of excellence in our groups, it is very important for you to acquaint yourself with this handbook. Whenever a question arises, this resource is available for you. Any possible misunderstandings of the rules and regulations of this handbook will be clarified by your director.



  1. A hands-on fun lab class experience!
  2. Chance to travel and perform in places other than the normal school setting.
  3. Chance to gain self-discipline and learn responsibility.
  4. Chance to learn the art of teamwork and acquire leadership skills.
  5. Chance to meet and interact with students from other schools.
  6. A place to form lasting friendships and make lasting memories.
  7. A place to express your feelings and emotions in a healthy way.

*Playing a musical instrument is the one activity that requires no age limit. It is something you can use and enjoy long after your school days and throughout your lifetime!

I.                  Rehearsals

  1. You should be in the room by the tardy bell and in your seats with instruments and folders by one minute after the bell. Tardies are recorded and may affect your six-week grade.
  2. Cooperate with the director and other members at all times. No talking back, arguing or complaining!
  3. Please do not talk during rehearsals and raise your hand if you have a question. There will be times during the rehearsal when talking is permitted as allowed by the director.
  4. Always have a pencil. Please keep books, book bags, and unnecessary clutter out of the immediate rehearsal area. Place those articles against the walls or in the storage area.
  5. Only students who store instruments in the ensemble room should be in that room unless you are practicing, etc. You are always welcome to visit the director’s office but it should be considered off limits unless one of the directors is present.
  6. You are responsible for your folder and the music in that folder. Bring your folder to class every day!
  7. Please stay away from the percussion instruments unless you are a percussionist! The music stands are meant to hold music. Please do not lean on them or use them to rest your feet or arms. The chairs are for bodies only – not feet!
  8. Please be considerate at all times. No foul language or insinuations. We are all equal in this class. Please be kind to others!
  9. NO GUM, CANDY, FOOD or anything else in that category!
  10. Please remain seated until it is time to put instruments away. No one is allowed outside the room until the bell rings!
  11. Bathroom passes will be issued only when absolutely necessary. Please use the facilities between classes. If you become ill during rehearsal, please ask for a pass to the clinic immediately!
  12. Passes to go to other classes during your music period will not be accepted. Instrumental music is not a study hall. It is a graded class like all the others. You are in here to play music. We have good things to share with you! This is a participation class.
  13. Any discipline problems will not only affect your grade but could also bring about dismissal from the group.
  14. If you need something for your instrument such as rosin or buying a reed, these things will be taken care of once everyone is seated and ready to begin rehearsal.
  15. All instrument cases should be clearly marked with your name. This applies to school owned instruments as well as privately owned instruments.
  16. Anyone using a school owned instrument must sign it out using the proper form provided from the music department. The equipment will be signed out through one of the directors.
  17. Students are responsible for daily care and maintenance of their instruments. Brass slides and woodwind corks should be well grease, bows loosened after rehearsal and rosined regularly. Woodwind players should always have two good reeds to use. String players should have rosin. Brass players should have slide grease and valve oil.


All of the above mentioned rules and regulations are considered in your daily grade and your overall grade!

II.               Attendance

An organization is only as good as its individual members. This is true of every musical ensemble. EVERY member is important to our group. When you assume the responsibility of being a member of our group, you must agree to be present at all activities such as concerts and contests. You may be excused under certain circumstances from these activities by permission of the director if a note from your parents is presented to the director at least two weeks prior to the performance. Sudden illnesses, emergencies, and a death in the family will be excused if a note stating the reason is submitted upon the student’s return following the performance. Unexcused missed performances will result in loss of performance credit.  This policy is in force to protect those students that do take their participation in our group seriously. It is in no way meant to punish anyone. Our concerts are the culminating experience of all your hard work during the rehearsals. They are considered our major exams and it is important that all attend. Other members of our music ensemble are depending on you! Remember – concerts are one of the most fun parts of being a musician! You are graded on your concert performance. Receiving a good grade is easy if you are prepared and perform your best and act responsibly! Grades are lowered for goofing around, being a poor audience member, etc. Proper attire is required for all performances. All excused missed performances will require make-up work regardless of reason for absence!



III.           Grading Policy
  1. You will earn grades each week directly relating to your performance in the classroom. Your grades are based on your attitude and participation for each day of rehearsal. You will be given a self-evaluation form at certain times during the grading period. You will also be graded on concerts, practice records, theory worksheets, individual performance, etc. Grades are then averaged at the end of each grading period. This is a participation class and you must be here in order to participate and receive credit. All written work must be made up. Participation grades for extended illnesses, etc. can be made up a variety of ways. This can be worked out on an individual basis with the director. Receiving a good grade is not difficult if you care about what you are doing and take pride in our group!

Extra credit is available to students who attend concerts presented by other groups when signed programs from these performances are presented to their director.  Students who study privately will also receive extra credit when they turn in a signed lesson verification form before the end of the grading period consisting of at least 3 lessons per six weeks.

IV.           Concert Dress

Guys – White dress shirt, Bow Tie (supplied by the school), Black dress pants, Black dress Socks and Black dress Shoes

Girls – White blouse, Black slacks or skirt, black dress shoes or (Full length black dress, black hose and black dress shoes) **Keep in mind that many of our performances are on an elevated stage.  Please use discretion when selecting a skirt as part of your concert attire.