Welcome to Rm 302!

In our classroom we focus on life skills and fuctional educational goals. 

Important things to remember

Monday Mornings - typically job training or a trip to the Lexington Branch Library

Wednesday Afternoons - Shopping trip to Geyer's. Is is okay to send a few $'s so your student can buy a snack and work on getting correct change. Our goal is to buy the ingrediants needed for our Friday Meal.

Friday - Music in the AM, cooking and clean-up in the afternoons


Please read your child's notebook daily for any announcments or updates.

Questions?? Email -   roush.heidim@lexington.k12.oh.us 

Transition Services - https://www.rnewhope.org/Employment.aspx?__eo_obj_states=ASEBHx5jdGwwMF9NYWluTWVudTFfU2xpZGVNZW51MTo2RCw=