Mrs. Holder's Health Page  


Teacher Expectations


  •  Be in class and seated .
  • Walk, don’t run in the classroom
  • Follow and listen to directions.  Do not talk when I’m talking.  Listen when someone asks a question.  You might have the same question.
  • Treat people with respect.
  • Have homework done on time.  One late assignment will be accepted per six weeks.  The student will receive no higher than a B on the late assignment.  The assignment has to be turned in the next day. If not it will be a zero.  No late assignments will be accepted the last week of the six weeks. 
  • Save Everything!  A two pocket folder should be used for your papers.  At the end of the third six weeks notebooks will be collected for extra credit.
  • Absences- Students must check the make-up basket that is on my desk when they return from being absent.  The papers will stay on my desk for that week and then the following Monday will be removed.  You are responsible to get your make-up work…
  • If a student misses my class but comes in later that day..The student is responsible to come by my room and get the missed material for that day.
  • Each week the student will recieve a copy of the lesson plan for that week.  It is subject to change however. 
  •  I’m here to help so if you need extra help just ask.  I can stay after school most days until 3:00 and I’m here around 7:00 every morning.
  • There is very little extra credit given in this classroom but almost everything is graded in some way.  If you study for your tests and do your homework you will have no problem in the class.
  • The best way for parents to reach me is by email.  I usually check my email three times a day.  A lot of times I will play phone tag with parents for several days.