Ms. Giefer’s Law           English 9                             


Welcome! I am looking forward to having you in my class…but you do need to know that we have a lot of work to do. This is a college prep course that is demanding, but hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way.


Classroom Expectations:

   P = Punctuality                                                              

   R = Respect

   I  = Individuality

   D = Discipline                   

   E = Enthusiasm

And a few other specifics…

  • Do not allow your cell phones to see the light of day in this classroom. (*unless I tell you to)
  • Be in your seat when the bell rings and until the bell rings—no congregating.
  • All book bags, binders, and books for other classes need to be under your seat.
  • Save EVERYTHING you do or receive for this class; it will come in handy!
  • Participate in class discussion. Thinking about and discussing ideas beyond the printed page are major elements of this course. Drawing on your own background and opinions, challenging each other with questions, comments, etc. help us develop stronger insight.
  • Bring a positive attitude, an open mind, and a desire to learn to class daily! (I will too!)
  • Be respectful and polite…listen when others are talking, do not antagonize or use profanity, do not touch others’ belongings, ask permission when appropriate, do not disrupt anyone’s learning process—simply put, behave like the mature ladies and gentlemen that I know you are! (Otherwise, Momma Bear comes out, and she’s not pretty!)

The Notebook…             What you need…1 or 1½” three-ring binder

ü  Page 1 – Syllabus (That’s this sheet of paper!)

ü  Then, make the following sections with divider pages and subject tabs:

  1. Advanced Grammar              4.   Nonfiction
  2. Writing                                5.   Novels                               7.   Miscellaneous
  3. Fiction/Short Stories             6.   Romeo and Juliet                            


ü  This year our vocabulary lessons will be mostly literature based. We will also focus on etymology and vocabulary in context. Our goal is to help you enhance your vocabulary, understand more challenging literature, and prepare you for the ACT and other assessments.

Materials needed for English 9 every day:  1) loose leaf paper,  2) pencils and pens (use blue or black for anything turned in),  3) novel, 4) a flash drive would be super helpful

NOTE: If you have to go to your locker for something needed in class, you will receive a tardy.

Other points of interest:

1)  Homework/Grading/Absences

ü  I do not assign invaluable work, so everything will be worth points.

ü  If is incomplete, but in class, always turn in what you have done. You will receive partial credit. If you try to finish it during class and turn it in, you will receive no credit.

ü  All work must be neat and legible. Spelling counts.

ü  Follow handbook guidelines for absences and make up assignments and tests.

ü  If you miss class, it is YOUR responsibility to check with me for missed work.    

ü  Be your own advocate. Keep track of your grades; if you have any questions, chat with me (at an appropriate time). I need to hear from you before a parent so I can understand what is going on and take steps needed to help you. I update ProgressBook often.

2)  Writing Assignments

ü  For major writing assignments, you will know ahead of time on what I will be concentrating on in terms of your assessment.  (i.e. content, style, and mechanics)

ü  When you type papers for me, keep a copy!!!  ALWAYS!!!!


3)  Late Policy

ü  If you have to miss my class, but are in the building, you must turn in your work for that day; otherwise it is late. It is also your responsibility to pick up the work you missed.

ü  Collected Homework: If you turn in within 24 hours of me collecting the assignment, 50% will be deducted.

ü  Homework Check: If you fail to turn in at the beginning of the period, it is an automatic zero.

ü  Other assignments, included but not limited to: essays, projects, lengthy assignments:

            1 day late:   -20%                    2 or more days late:  -50%

4)  Academic Honesty

ü  Cheating occurs when a student obtains credit for or assists others in obtaining credit for work that is not his or her own.  Plagiarism is the act of appropriating the ideas, language, or work of another and passing them off as one’s own product.

Examples of cheating and/or plagiarism include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • copying from another student's test or helping another student during a test
  • providing or accepting information regarding specific test content
  • submitting another person's work as one's own
  • stealing copies of tests or answer keys OR taking pictures of tests
  • copying another student's homework, test, quiz, project, essay, assignment, or vocab exercises
  • allowing another student to copy a test, homework assign., quiz, project, essay, or vocab book
  • presenting materials taken from sources, such as books, periodicals, newspapers, or the Internet without appropriate documentation
  • changing answers on a test, assignment, or project after grading

If your phone makes any type of appearance during a test or quiz, it is an automatic zero on the assessment, referral to the office, and a phone call home. This is also a department policy.

Consequences of Academic Dishonesty

  • no credit for work
  • immediate parent contact and notification to counselor and assistant principal

A final note:

  • Writing assignments will be submitted to

5)  Getting Help

  • You may not ask another English teacher to proofread your work. We may answer specific questions, but it isn’t fair to the rest of your classmates to get that kind of help. Fortunately for you, I love helping my students. J  See below:
  • Never hesitate to ask for help on assignments.  I am always willing to help.  I am available before and after school, during my conference period (6th), and during my study hall (4th).  If you are desperate, you may call my cell phone at a reasonable hour (before 9:30 p.m.) at 419-564-9314.  J