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Au Sujet Du Professeur






I began studying French in the 7th grade and continued throughout high school.  I chose French as my college major, and spent my Junior year in Biarritz and Paris, France, living with French families and studying the language as well as the fabulous art, architecture and culture of France.

As for the rest of my education: I graduated with a degree in French from Wittenberg University 'a few' years ago, but did not begin my teaching career until my own children were old enough to drive and care for themselves. I taught for several years in Columbiana and Mahoning counties here in Ohio, and moved to this area in 2005 when I married my college 'sweetheart'. Our blended family includes a son, two daughters and a son-in-law. And, most recently, a grandson, who just celebrated his 1st birthday.  I am teaching him to call me MéMé.

My most recent trip out of the country was in April 2017. I took a wonderful group of students to Québec City and Montréal in Canada. Despite the cold, damp weather, we enjoyed it very much! In fact, I plan to go back again in June 2019 and invite anyone to join me! My last trip to Europe took place in July 2014, when I accompanied an adventurous Lexington student to Paris and Provence for a week.  The weather was almost perfect, the people were friendly and we all had a fabulous time!  I have also travelled with Lexington students in 2009 and 2011. Before that, I happened to be travelling with my family in 2005 and arrived in London on the day of the terrorist bombings in that city.  Exciting, frightening, but still a wonderful experience.

I have been told many times since moving here that Lexington is an extremely fine school district, and I am very happy to be working here.  I look forward to helping students succeed in the French classroom.

My 2018-2019 class schedule:

Period 1 - Digital credit recovery and Online courses

Period 2 - Digital credit recovery and Online courses

Period 3 - French III / IV combined

Period 4 - Conference/planning

Period 5 - French II (C lunch)

Period 6 - French II

Period 7 - French I







Mission Pour La Classe






Students in foreign language classrooms are not only taught to speak,
listen, read & write in the target language, but are encouraged to expand
their horizons and be prepared for all of the opportunities the world offers.









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