Family & Consumer Sciences

Mrs. Rebecca Bigley

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Before School until 8:20am, After  School until 4:00pm

                (419)884-1111  Ext.1228                      


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This page is designed to help you understand what this department does to service the students of Lexington High School.

Perhaps the following course description does not sound like the “Cooking and Sewing HomeEc" courses you took in school, and although the face and name have changed, the ideals have not!

My profession and the courses we teach empower students to make wise decisions for their future. Family and Consumer Sciences courses are the study, understanding and application of skills, processes and techniques that engage students in lifelong success as they balance their Family, Career and Social commitments.

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Basic Information for Mrs. Bigley's Courses


Teacher: Rebecca Bigley                                  Web address:

School Contacts:  

Phone #: Before School until 8:20am, After School until 4:00pm        


                   (419) 884-1111  Ext. 1224                  


Conference Period: This year I have a conference period third period (9:30-10:15) and if the time above does not suit your family’s schedule please call and leave a message and we will arrange a time that better works for meeting.

Grading Scale: My grading scale follows what the Board has adopted.  6-Weeks grades may be entered in + or – but the final grade for the course will be recorded on the transcripts and student records as a simple letter grade.  Please see the handbook for specifications.

Homework and assignment expectations: As this is a class designed to prepare students for life situations, homework and a variety of classroom activities will be used to help teach the students.  These activities may be any of the following:  Individual projects, group projects, notes, discussions, learning games, labs, reports, projects, quizzes, tests or Multimedia such as Power point, Moodle or other multimedia forms.  Unless otherwise instructed, homework is due the next day at the start of the period. Work turned in late will be docked; work turned in later than one week will receive a “0”.  Student work is expected to be done with effort and pride.  Not doing an acceptable job on their work may result in no credit or may result in a return of the work and an opportunity for the work to be done for partial credit. Tests will follow a format similar to that of standardized tests such as the OGT. Both Progress Book and the High School webpage have additional information that may be helpful for the parents and student.

Behavior and Classroom conduct: This is an applied skills course and often involves students working with their peers. NO horseplay is acceptable and misconduct may receive one warning to immediate administrative action depending on the severity.  Students not adhering to the policies set forth may earn a 10 or 15 minute detention in which the student will make restitution for their action that earned them such detention.  For example, if a student writes on the table (damaging property), they will help clean the room to help it look nicer (table included).  We will talk about the reasons for the cause and effect as well as reach an understanding of behavioral expectations hence forth. The rules are discussed with every student and the expectation is clear that students will behave in a mature way, will respect the rights and property of others and will respect themselves throughout the course.