Week #1 March 30 - April 3, 2020

  *IReady Week #1

  *Log into IReady with your username: first initial of your first

   name, first initial of your last name and your lunch number.

  (no spaces)

  *Pass at least one lesson/activity in reading 45 minutes for the week,

   (of course you may be on it for more than 45 minutes a week).

  *When you passed a lesson please comment "done" in the comments section.

  *IReady website: https://login.i-ready.com/

  *Do the best you can, we will be proud of you either way!


 *Quiz Week #1

 *This weeks quiz is reviewing similes used in figurative language.

 *You can complete the quiz as many times as you feel necessary to earn a 

  score which reflects your knowledge of the concept.

  *When you sign into the quiz, please include your first name and first initial

  of your last name. (please do not use nicknames)

  *Once you earn a score you are proud of please comment "done" in the


  *Quiz #1 website: quizzizz.com/join?gc=245777

  *Best of Luck! Remember: A simile is comparing two things that are not alike,

  using like or as.


*Reading Response #1

*Please watch and listen to, As Fast as Words Could Fly, by Pamela M. Tuck on

storyline online at this link: https://www.storylineonline.net/books/fast-words-fly/#

*Follow the prompts and complete.

*Listen carefully, you could write down key details on paper to help you when 

you complete the prompts.