*Mrs. Jedra's Fifth Grade (2017-2018)

      *ELA Communities*

      *May 21 - 24, 2018

        Dear Parents and Students,

      I want you to know how grateful I am to have been your fifth grade teacher. Know without a doubt how much happiness you brought into my life with this being such a difficult year for me. As much as I enjoy teaching know that I have enjoyed you more; your laughter, your ideas, your personality, and your uniqueness.

     You have amazed me by your brillance. I have loved challenging you, even frustrating you, pushing you further than you ever imagined only to see a spark of understanding flash across your face. Your expression radiate new knowledge. You have grown, you have matured, and you are better today than yesterday. My wish is that you keep seeking knowledge; keep asking, keep searching, keep reading, keep analyzing, and keep building. Most important keep the joy and never stop.

     Forgive me the times I was not what you needed. I know there were times I was not patient, times that the clock seemed more important than you, times my words were not enough. Know that I am sorry.

    Even though I was the official teacher in the class, you taught me something new every day. Hugs are essential. Learning happens in a positive atmosphere. Idioms that I made up provided endless entertainment. Laughter is necessary. Slowing down is a good thing, just because they aren't my plans doesn't mean they aren't perfect.

    I am certain you are absolutely capable of doing anything in the world that you want too. Please carry with you the passion, the perseverance, and the dedication you exhibited daily for me. Work hard in your next journey, set goals and do everything in your power to achieve them, and remember how smart you are! I will not be surprised at your success, I know who you are! Remember you will always hold a special place in my heart! (Have a safe, healthy and fun summer! Oh, Know your life!)

   Your teacher,

   Mrs. Jedra