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Fifth Grade Intervention 












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Information About i-Ready:

Students can access i-Ready at home!  i-Ready is an individualized instructional program online.  There are both reading and math components.  Your child's username is first name dot last name.  The password is "student."   





       *** Parents....Please make sure your child is studying

spelling words every night!!  Thank You! ***








   Homework:  Parents, the best way for your child to get better at reading is to read.  Please make sure your son or daughter reads for at least 20 minutes each night as part of our reading assignment.  Thank You!


INFORMATION ON INDEPENDENT READING.....Students need to read at least 20 minutes each night on their own.  Thank you, parents, for helping us get this done! 




"Never Settle for Less Than Your Best"



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(Last updated May 25, 2017)