Dear Parents,

The children have been working hard during this grading period learning all about the Solar System. The students investigated the relative size of each planet as well as their relative distances from each other.  The kids Learned about the Sun, Earth and Moon system. They also created models of the Moon's features and investigated NASA missions in space.  The students also discovered alll kinds of information about the planets and dwarf planets as well as Asteroids, meteors and comets. The children even completed a project over constellations and they had the opportunity to experience the planetarium provided by the Richland Astronomical Society!  Ask your child all about it. 

The Students are also participating in an interschool STEM challenge competition.  Eastern is competing with Crestview, New London and Huron Schools for the STEM prize which will be announced later this year.  Teams of students are competing for points which the children earn after successfully completing various STEM challenges thoughout the year.  The students have already completed several challenges including creating a working solar oven, creating a paper airplane with specific design specifications as well as designing a catapult.  More challenges ahead.  I will keep you posted on our progress.

In Social Studies class, the students have been learning all about the regions of the United States.  The children have been investigating the people, topography as well as the other many factors that make each area unique.  The children created destination brochures for a region as well as participated in Tacky Tourist Day.  The children are now immersed in learning all about the Mississippians as well as the Mayans, the Incas and the Aztec civilizations. 

As a team we will continue to enforce our behavior plan by using the Class Dojo daily. We encourage you to continue to check assignment books and take home folders as well as progress book for updated grades. We are having a wonderful year and the children are engaged and excited about learning. The end of the first nine weeks will arrive soon and the children have made a lot of progress.  We will be holding a silent behavior auction and would appreciate any donations to the cause.

Thank you,

Sarah Freundlich



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