Dear Parents and Students,

Enjoy summer vacation with the family.  Don't forget to keep academic skills sharp by reading every day, practicing using flash cards and investigating nature!  See you in August for another exciting school year!

Mrs. Freundlich

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 Review Websites

Interactive Sites for Education

Education Network

ODE AIR Test Portal

5th Grade SOL Review activities

5th Grade Review Interactive actvities

Social Studies Games

Force and Motion Unit Interactive Activities

Interactive Sites for Education


Force and motion the basics


Roller Coaster Game

Friction ramp

Net Force calculation Game


Space Unit interactive Review

BBC Earth, Moon, Sun

Complete Astronomy and Space Science


Earth in Motion


Read information about years and the seasons

Stdy Jams-Universe


Read super Cool Space Tools




Science Games

Lunar Challenge


Economics Games

Earth moon Sun 

Astronomy and space 

Supercool science tools Earth in motion 

Technology Links for research

What would it be like to live on Mars

kids astronomy

Answers about Mars

ESA kids

Mars news for kids

cool facts about Mars

NASA Explore information about colonies in space

Humans on Mars?

Mars Mission NASA

Will Astronauts have enough, food, water and oxygen on Mars?

Facts about the Solar system

Astronomy for Kids

Fun Solar system facts

NASA game for review

Parent Handbook 

  Websites to Keep Skills Sharp 

Math and ELA -

Scholastic Story Starters

Math and ELA -


Science (5th) and Social Studies (4th and 6th) -

Study materials for Students for each unit found on the link below:

Professional Association Link for Science Teachers in Richland County

 North Central Educators Reviewing Development of Science (NERDS)

Computer Lab Assignment

Science review assessment #1

 science review assessment #2

Science reivew assessment #3