This course will cover five main topic areas. They are:

-Operations and Algebraic Thinking 
-Number and Operations in Base Ten
-Numer and Operations- Fractions
-Measuremnt and Data

Classroom & Homework:

A. Class Notes:

 1.  Keeping a neatly organized and up-to-date math journal and binder is the responsibility of each student. An organizational pattern for the notebook will be given to the students during the first week. 

2. The majority of major tests information comes from class notes and handouts along with notes taken during labs.


B. Homework:

1. Students must assume the responsibility to schedule all make-up work, including labs, immediately upon return to school. Check the absent tray for missed work. 

2. All students are expected to complete homework and class/group work on time with best effort in order to receive full credit.

3. All homework assignments can be found on Progress Book under the Classroom tab. 

C. Grading:

Grading in this class is based on a point system.

  • 20% of these points earned are in homework.
  • 50% includes tests and quizzes.
  • 30% include labs and projects. 

D. Extra Credit:

Extra Credit opportunities are provided to the class at various times. Students are encouraged to take advantage of extra credit when offered since no extra credit will be given solely for the purpose of improving a grade before report cards.

Math Websites




Real World Problems Using Fractions fraction jeopardy (mixed operations)

Simplifying fractions

 Mixed numbers and Improper Fractions

 Comparing  Fractions


Add and Subtract Fractions