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It is okay not to know something, but it is not okay not to try.


Due to state testing taking place at the Junior High and High School on Wednesday, March 22, 2017,  We are going to move our March Early Release day to Wednesday, March 15, 2017.


Prepare for the AIR's!

Study Island

Study Island is an online product designed to help your child master the standards. Go to www.studyisland.com  and enter you username and password. After signing in click the subject tab on which to work or check you student's class page for assignment created by your child's teacher.

ODE Past OAA's 

On the ODE state testing website your student can practice state standards by seeing past OAA questions. Go to http://ohio3-8.success-ode-state-oh-us.info/Profile/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fPracticeTest%2ftestworkbook.aspx%3fnav%3dstudent&nav=student  and type in your user name and all passwords are duffey.  On your portfolio page complete the test assigned. Make sure to save and continue and DO NOT click finsh until your test is complete.


Students can take Performance Based or End of the Year online practice tests by signing in as a guest to practice for the science assessment at the link below.




When you children is reading at home ask them questions/ opinions about their book. HAVE THEM USE SOMETHING IN THE TEXT TO SUPPORT THEIR IDEAS. Below are some interactive website you can use to enrich your child's learning at home.

Online Enrichment Links:

  1. Context Clues - Multiple-choice quiz, includes answers.
  2. Context Clues - Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game
  3. Context Clue Games - Many games to choose that all have context clue activities.
  4. Context Clues Games and Activities - Many activities and games to choose.
  5. Context and Definition Games - Kids enjoy learning about context with fun online games.
  6. Context Clues Lesson and Worksheet - lesson plan includes a link to a worksheet A lesson plan can be found at this site
  7. Context Clues/Prefixes/Suffixes Jeopardy - Jeopardy game.
  8. Context Clues Skills Unit - printables from Ed Helper
  9. Context Clues Worksheets - index of worksheets describing the grade level of activity accompanied by a link to the activity
  10. Context Clues Worksheets - scroll down to level 2 which has worksheets for grades 5-8
  11. Using Context Clues - Three matching activities. Use the pull-down boxes to match the item on the left to the corresponding item on the right.
  12. Using Context clues - Use the context to figure out the meaning of the underlined word.
  13. What are Context Clues - Lesson with quiz.
  14. What's My Meaning - [4 different Quia games] Match words with meanings - Matching | Concentration | Flash Cards | Word Search
  15. Words in Context - lesson plan and handout An Adobe Acrobat document in .pdf format A lesson plan can be found at this site
  16. Words in Context - Put the words into the sentences to determine the correct meaning.



Storybook Online
Read Print - Free classic books, poems, and short stories Stacks-Games

Main Idea

Book Adventure
Main Idea - What doesn't belong? Did I Read It or Not? Main Idea Online Quizzes
English Works! Reading Exercises (main idea, details, inferences)  



Reading Ring  

Author's Purpose

Figures of Speech

Fling the Teac (homophones, homographs, similes, metaphors, idioms)



Context Clues

Word Meaning from Context3 Context Clues Practice  


Reading Comprehension


Finding Details

Character Traits

Sample Character Traits    

Writing Sites


 Verb Tenses Contractions Grammar Gorillas
Interactive English Activities English Zone Grammar Gold
Wide World of Verbs Grammar Blast Contractions and Negatives

Grammar Park

Sounds Word Frog (Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms)
Past/Present Verbs Singular and Plural Nouns Prepositions - eTHEMES
English Grammar Connection Grammar Slammer Possessives - eTHEMES
Noun Count A Bed Full of Cats (Contractions) Plural Girls
eThemes - Pronouns Adjectives - Comparative/Superlative Verb Viper
Word Invasion- word types Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Noun Review (Quia) - 2 players
Identify Possessive Nouns Possessive Nouns Quiz Exploring for Possessives
Possessive Nouns Practice    


Hangman Compound Words Plurals
Prefixes and Suffixes Plural Play Coconut Vowels
How Well Can You Spell? Spell Check Quiz SpellaRoo
Spelling Bee Spin to Win (prefixes/suffixes) Prefix Skills


Simile/Metaphor Example Simile & Metaphor Info Metaphor Examples
Simile and Metaphor Lesson Making Comparisons Poetry as We See It
Figurative Language Page eTHEMES-Similes/Metaphors eTHEMES-Personification
Using Similes Simile and Metaphor Test Word Play 18-21, 30 (similes)
Word Play 7-14 (similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, euphemisms, alliteration) Word Play 1-3, 8-10 (similes, metaphors, rhymes, alliteration, onomatopoeia) Simile Examples 1
Simile Examples 2 Simile Examples 3 Simile Examples 4
Gamequarium Figurative Language Sites  

Writing Ideas

Writing Prompts Bright Ideas for Writing List of 10 Narrative Writing Prompts
Writing Process Narrative Essays and Prompts List of 10 Persuasive Writing Prompts
The Five Paragraph Essay Personal Narrative Collection List of 10 Informative Writing Prompts
Tips for Writing a Personal Narrative Personal Narrative Guide

Writing Help

Spell Check   Proofreading Practice
Paragraph Punch Self Edit Forms of Writing
6 + 1 Trait Writing (Rubric) Peer Review Other Words for "said"
Transition Words Dead Words Don't Use "Said"
Business Letter Punch Essay Punch Types of Sentences
Fragment Practice Game Writing Letters  Letter Generator
Friendly Letter Parts Letter Writing Help Letter Forms
Compound Sentences Conjunction Practice Modern Tall Tale Graphic Organizer (use Character Traits for help)
Conjunctions  Simple and Compound Sentences Simple/Compound Sentence Quiz
Conjunction WS Conjunctions2 Conjunction-itis Popup
Fragments and Run-Ons Repairing Run-On Sentences Run On Senten

Sentence Mechanics

Correct Sentences Comma Practice Writing Mechanics Practice
Power Proofread Quotation Marks Making Sentences
Comma Usage Fact Monster Quotation Marks Apostrophes
eThemes - Capitalization