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Fifth grade started out with a bang!  The children are getting settled and they are learning all about their teachers and all the procedures here at Eastern. 

In  ELA, the students have been reviewing fourth grade content and beginning to build on the fifth grade content. We have started to deepen our understanding of inferences, character traits, plot, theme, and how to use text evidence to support our thinking.

 In social studies, the students have been working hard learning all about map skills.  The children are learning all about different types of maps and the purpose for each one.  The students will also start familiarizing themselves with the different areas of our country as well as the locations of other countries around the globe.  This will be a continuing skill the children will work on throughout the year.  The students will also begin to learn about latitude and longitude.  The students will become more familiar with finding locations on a map and using the coordinate grid. We will keep you posted on our progress. 

We are having a wonderful time learning, working with fellow classmates and striving for independence in fifth grade.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me here at Eastern. 
Jessica Duffey
5th Grade Teacher

Typing Skills:

Geographic Tools:

Learn the 50 States Game 

Name that State Game

Geospy- The GeoSpy Agency needs you! Help us identify continents, countries, states and provinces and you’ll earn full GeoSpy status!

GeoNetChallenge Game

Ancient Civilizations:

Mayan Civilization Games

National Geographics- Maya

Ancient Aztec Games

Awesome Aztecs

Inca Empire

National Geographic- Inca



When you children is reading at home ask them questions/ opinions about their book. HAVE THEM USE SOMETHING IN THE TEXT TO SUPPORT THEIR IDEAS. 



Reading Ring  

Author's Purpose



Reading Comprehension

Character Traits

Sample Character Traits    

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Interactive English Activities English Zone Grammar Gold
Wide World of Verbs Grammar Blast Contractions and Negatives

Grammar Park

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Past/Present Verbs Singular and Plural Nouns Prepositions - eTHEMES
English Grammar Connection Grammar Slammer Possessives - eTHEMES
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eThemes - Pronouns Adjectives - Comparative/Superlative Verb Viper
Word Invasion- word types Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns Noun Review (Quia) - 2 players
Identify Possessive Nouns Possessive Nouns Quiz Exploring for Possessives
Possessive Nouns Practice    

Writing Ideas

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