Math(updated September 7, 2016

Math Standard:  Number Sense
This includeds:  multiplying and divding fractions, long division with whole numbers and decimals, prime factorization, GCF, LCM, distributive property, integers and rational numbers and coordinate plane

Homework:  Your student will have homework Monday - Thursday, please check your student's agenda for this information.  Students will be given an opportunity to start homework in class and may finish. 

Quizzes:  generally quizzes will be given on Friday

Study Island:  required 10 questions at a 50% or better. 
10 Questions Correct = 100%
9-8 Questions Correct = 90%
7 Questions Correct = 80%

6-5 Questions Correct = 70%

Tests:  will be announced at least 3-5 days in advance and will be on Remind 101 and student's agendas, usually one test per nine weeks


Important Dates:

September 13th:  6th Grade Band Meeting
September 21st:  Parent Advisory Meeting
September 23rd:  KONA Truck/Interims Home
September 30th:  Library Pizza Party

October 3rd:  Fall Pictures

contact infromation:  419.884.3610 ext 4032