Math(updated September 5, 2017

Math Standard:  Number Sense
This includeds:  multiplying and divding fractions, long division with whole numbers and decimals, prime factorization, GCF, LCM, distributive property, integers and rational numbers and coordinate plane

Homework:  Your student will have homework Monday - Thursday, please check your student's agenda for this information.  Students will be given an opportunity to start homework in class and may finish. 

Quizzes:  generally quizzes will be given on Friday

Schoolgy, Edulastic & Frontrow:  We will be using a combination of all three of these on-line assessment tools.  Generally, students will be assigned an Edulastic or Frontrow assignment and will have several days to finsih.  Schoolgy will be used for some quizzes and possibly some tests. 

Tests:  will be announced at least 3-5 days in advance and will be on Remind 101 and student's agendas, usually one test per nine weeks


contact infromation:  419.884.3610 ext 4032