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Dates to Remember

May 2nd- Ice Cream Social, Book Fair and Art Show
May 9th-Field trip to the Environmental Classroom and Landfill
May 15th- COSI on Wheels
Lexington Bus Tour from 1:30-2:30
May 17th- Volunteer Breakfast
May 17th--Walking tour of Lexington
May 21st- Fun Day and Kona Truck
May 22nd- Safety Day
Field trip to Richland County Museum
May 24th- Third grade party on the hill
May 29th-Last day of school

 Good Ways to Foster A Child's Interest in Learning
Have lots of reading materials around the house and read every day!
Use the library and attend special events.
Subscribe to children's magazines.
Play games together.
Discuss appropriate current events.
Tell each other stories.
Help them memorize/review math facts.
Use the computer for educational games.
Review math skills with them.
Encourage them to write in a journal.
Ask them to write letters and design cards.
Visit historical places and museums.
Take nature walks.
Go to the Gorman Nature Center, Kingwood Center, and the Ohio Bird Sanctuary.
Encourage creativity by supplying arts and crafts materials.
Have fun!
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks!