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April 21, 2017


READING:          Leap: A Salmon’s Story:  focus on sequence & Eggy’s Easy Out:  focus on



WRITING:         Narrative Writing



FUNDATIONS:  Unit 17: 2 Weeks: consonant-le syllable type, spelling consonant-le words,

                            and review of all syllable types.

                             Use spelling packet for practice or visit            

                    and go to unit 17/week 1.

                             List Test on 4/28/17.


 MATH:               Chapter 11: Geometry & Fractions.  Watch for Mid-Chapter check point.

                           Please continue to practice math facts. 


SCIENCE/S.S:   Weather Unit:  Focus on changes in weather and seasons.



TRAIT:              Self-Control & Patience

DATES:             April 24:  Return Parent Letter



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