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May 12, 2017


READING:        Deep in the Ocean:  Focus on nonfiction: Main Ideas & Details and Pronouns.

                           “Miss Pig’s Garden”:  Focus on fiction:  Sequence, Comprehension Questions, &



WRITING:         Poetry




FUNDATIONS:  Unit 17 was our last Wilson Unit.  We will end the year reviewing spelling

                            skills by making words & word ladders.  We will also use this time to review  

                            other language skills.  This week we will focus on abbreviation with “For



 MATH:               3rd Grade Prep:  Focus on Equal Shares, Time Before the Hour & After the

                           Hour, Elapsed Time & Measurement Data.

                           Please continue to practice math facts. 


SCIENCE/S.S:    Weather Test 5/15/17

                            Ocean Animals



TRAIT:              Thankfulness & Contentment

DATES:             May 15:  Return Parent Letter / Weather Test / 1 Hour Early Release

                         May 18:  Safety Day

                          May 19:  Fun Day

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