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This is the beginning of my fourteenth year of teaching and I'm very excited to have this wonderful opportunity.  I received my undergraduate degree from Bluffton University in Early Childhood Education.  I also received my Masters degree from Ashland University in Early Childhood Intervention Specialist. I have an adorable little girl named Shiloh and a little boy named Elijah!


My Philosophy of Education

Through my experience of working with children, I have realized that I want my classroom to be a fun learning environment.  Not only is school for learning, but it is so that the child can grow and learn about themselves and others.  They will learn reading, writing, and math, but they will also learn how to socialize with others, develop high self-esteem, learn responsibility, and discipline.  School is a place where children can both learn and grow.  There are a variety of ways that the curriculum will be taught: hands-on experiences, cooperative learning, and relating the subject to a matter of real life.  This will help student have a better understanding of how our environment works and how they can interact with the world around them.  I believe that education is more than just teaching; it is caring, developing, showing, and communicating. 

By including these aspects, I am able to help children dream and reach those dreams.