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  Spelling Strategies

Strategy Explanation
Say the word correctly Don't leave out or mispronounce sounds. Write the sounds in the correct order.
Think about what the word looks like. Think about the spelling pattern. Write it, look at it, and decide if it looks correct.
Look for small words in spelling words. spin- pin, in
Look at syllables in spelling words. Spell the word one syllable at a time.
Use rhyming words. If you can spell book, you can spell book.
Use rules for adding endings. Drop silent e before adding suffix. Double final consonant before a suffix. Change final y to i and add es.


Use knowledge of suffixes and prefixes. Think about what the word looks like without the prefix or suffix. write the word and then add the prefix or suffix.


Think about what a word means. Some words sound the same, but have different meanings and are spelled in different ways. Math the spelling with its meaning.
Use outside help. Use words posted in the classroom or a dictionary.