Welcome To Mrs. Noblet's Class Web Page!

My name is Mrs. Jillian Noblet and I have the privilege of teaching your child this year! I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2015 with my Early Childhood Education Degree and Reading Endorsement. This will be my fourth year teaching third grade! I taught for the Ontario Local School District for two years and am so excited to be teaching in Lexington for a second year! I am also continuing my education by working on my Master’s Degree at The Ohio State University because I love learning new things that will help me become a better teacher. I am so excited for this school year to begin!

Please feel free to contact me at any time throughout the school year at
or on Class Dojo!

Important Times:

8:20 Students May Begin Entering Building
8:50 Tardy Bell
12:15-1:05 Lunch/Recess
3:18 Car Riders Dismissed
3:20 Bus Riders Dismissed

Specials Schedule:

Monday: Music and Gym
Tuesday: No Specials (Technology Lesson in Room)
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Library
Friday: Music and Gym


Math: Students will have one math worksheet to complete every night Monday-Thursday.
Language Arts: Students will be expected to read 20 minutes every night Monday-Thursday.
Spelling: Every Friday, students will have their spelling list stapled into their planner. Students are expected to study their list throughout the week for their test every Friday.
Science/Social Studies: Students will occasionally be asked to study for a science or social studies test.

Please check your child’s take-home folder every night for important papers and their planner every night for assignments. Please sign their planner every night. (Please see Good Kid Ticket section below!)

Healthy Snack:
There will be a time every morning when students will be allowed to eat a healthy snack. Our classroom is NUT FREE! Students may bring fruit/vegetables, pretzels, Goldfish, or cheese. Any healthy snack that is brought in MUST say ‘nut free’ on the wrapper, or they will not be allowed to eat it (fruits and vegetables are safe and do not need a wrapper). Students are allowed to bring water bottles to school, filled with water only.

Discipline Policy:
In our classroom, several policies will be established. They are listed in detail below:

  1. Class Dojo: Class Dojo is an electronic behavior management system that you can connect to at home! When students are working hard and complete their work, they earn points on Dojo, but when they talk when they are not supposed to or do not complete their work, they get negative points on Dojo. Students can earn rewards based on the number of Dojo points and the class can earn Dojo points and rewards also! These rewards will be posted in the classroom. There is a messaging feature on Dojo as well, which allows families to easily communicate with me on a computer or phone! More information about login information will be sent home.
  2. Good Kid Tickets: Every morning, I will check everyone’s homework. Homework is not typically taken for a grade, although that is subject to change if I feel that the class is not turning in appropriate work. When I check homework, if the student has completed their math homework and has their planner signed, they will receive a sticker on their Good Kid Ticket. The class will celebrate with a small party or activity of their choosing every time the entire class finished their first, second, third, or fourth ticket. This is my way of motivating students to work hard and stay accountable of their reading, math, and having you sign their planner. PLEASE remind your students to bring you their planner and take home folder each night. Many important things are sent home/communicated to home through these!
  3. Beat the Teacher: On the board, I will always have Mrs. Noblet written on one side, and Students written on the other side. Throughout each week, the class will have opportunities to earn points, and I will have opportunities to earn points. If the class is quiet when I ask them to be, are working hard, do well in the hallway, etc., they will earn points. When they are not following rules, however, I earn points. If the class is beating me by lunchtime on Friday, they will earn a short period of free time Friday afternoon. These points restart every Monday morning.

Every class is different and every class has different things that motivate them to work hard. I often try new behavior management approaches in my classroom, use different attention getters, and work with the students to see what they respond to best. These are the main policies I implement in my classroom.

Other Important Information:

  1. Spelling lists will be stapled into students’ planners every Friday and spelling tests will be on Friday as well. We will be alternating social studies and science units. I will never send home science or social studies homework, but there will be at least one grade per week in these areas. The test is always at the end of the unit.
  2. We will be working on fact fluency in math throughout the entire year. Please work with your students on their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts as often as possible throughout the year.
  3. You may have noticed on the school supply list that our class does not use Clorox products. Instead, we use Norwex cloths! These cloths only require water and have a material in the cloth that holds and kills bacteria! I use these products in my own home and absolutely love them. I will be bringing in my own Norwex cloth to clean as well! Here’s to hoping for a healthy school year!
  4. Please be aware that buses typically run late in the afternoon during the first week of school.
  5. Last year, our attendance policy changed. Please familiarize yourself with the new policy. The students are counted absent by hours-not days. Therefore, please try to send your child to school on time! Students will be referred to a Truancy Education Program after 30 consecutive unexcused hours (5 days), 38 unexcused hours (6 days), in a month or 65 unexcused hours (10 days) in a school year. Official charges will be filed at 30 consecutive unexcused hours (5 days), 42 unexcused hours in a month (7 days), or 72 unexcused hours (11 days) in a school year. A tardy is equivalent to one hours; a half day is equal to three hours; a whole day equals 6.5 hours. If you have questions, please contact the office at 419-884-1308.
  6. Snapfish: We are going to have so many fun and exciting experiences in our classroom this year! I will be taking lots of photos of the fun things we do in our classroom for our class photo timeline, and I would love to share them all with you! Follow these easy steps to view and download any pictures you would like! (This online photo album is accessible to families of this year’s students only! At the end of this school year, the account will be deleted and I will create a brand new one for next year’s students.) Go online to and log on under my information: user name:, password: central22. In the top, left corner, click on ‘My Photos,' click on the album, and here, you may view all of our photos! To download a photo, click on the magnifying glass (with the plus sign inside of it) in the top, right corner of each individual picture. When the picture is bigger like this, you have the option to download. You may also purchase prints from this site!

If you have any questions about how to view this site and access pictures, please e-mail me. PLEASE continue checking the website as well, we have lots of activities throughout the entire year that I will taking photos of and will add them to the site as they happen!


I look forward to an excellent year with your children! Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime throughout the school year. Thank you in advance for all that you do for you our class and your child! It is going to be a great year!

Mrs. Jillian Noblet