Mr. Ashton Cannon

6th Grade Science/Social Studies

Dear Parents,

Hello! My name is Mr. Cannon and I am excited to join the Eastern Elementary team. I can’t wait to learn about your student and learn how I can best meet their needs. I am very excited for the upcoming school year and have high expectations for each one of my students.

Science- Within science we will be doing several hands-on interactive activities to get a holistic science education. We will be exploring engineering concepts, cells, rocks/minerals, and the scientific method. To ensure that we create an environment in which all students are safe and respectful, I take lab safety very seriously and behavioral problems during lab time will have elevated punishments.

Social Studies-This year we will be going back in time to learn about several ancient civilizations including Egypt, India, China, and Mesopotamia. We will also take an in-depth look at world geography, types of government, and economics.


Mr. Ashton Cannon



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